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About Us

Bendigo Community Children’s Services (BCCS) Incorporated is a not-for-profit community organisation established to provide sustainable, high quality, fully integrated early learning and education services within the greater Bendigo community.

Since the beginning of 2014 we have worked towards establishing a management and governance structure to support the maintenance and expansion of not-for-profit, community managed children’s services in the greater Bendigo area.

Quality early childhood and education services that are flexible, affordable and accessible help to underpin local economies. They benefit communities by affording parent’s the choice to participate in work and learning. Participation in the workforce, particularly for women, relies on access to quality early childhood and out of school hours services.

We believe that community managed not-for-profit early childhood providers are leaders in quality early childhood learning, offering families many opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge as parents and citizens. Our goal to establish a community operated, fully integrated early childhood and educational services in Bendigo will benefit children, families and the local community.