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Welcome to Bendigo Community Children’s Services

Bendigo Community Children’s Services is a not for profit community organisation that has achieved legal status as an Incorporated Association. We are committed to providing the greater Bendigo Community with sustainable, high quality early learning and education programs that are relevant to the needs of children and families of Greater Bendigo and surrounds and are governed and managed by those who use the service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure Bendigo’s families and children have access to high quality not-for-profit community owned and managed education and care service that:

  • Focus on all aspects of quality service provision
  • Puts children and family first
  • Invests profits back into the improvement and growth of our service
  • Targets the specific needs of the community
  • Collaborates with families and the community
  • Fosters inclusion and involvement
  • Respects and nurtures staff
  • Collaborate with the local community
  • Actively contributes to the local community

Our Goals


We are striving to establish a community-managed long day care service with up to 60 places, including an integrated kindergarten program and to further develop relationships with key organisations and people in the local community.


Provide inclusive education and care that supports children’s wellbeing, learning and development.Create a service and a space where people truly feel they belong and their contributoins are welcomed and valued.


Secure and establish funds to repurpose existing buildings or secure land for a new early childhood premisies.Create a service culture of mutual respect, encouragement and caring to nurture and support families to meet, greet and share.


Provide authentic opportunities for parents and family members to learn parenting, life and employment skills from each other, the service staff and volunteers.Provide integrated family and children’s services.
Establish educational networks.

What’s New