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Bendigo Community Children’s Services is a not for profit community managed early learning and education service.

We provide sustainable, high quality early learning and education programs that are relevant to the needs of the children and families of Greater Bendigo.

Management and educators aim to build strong partnerships with families through effective communication, consultation and collaboration.

We value contemporary theories of development and learning to inform our practice, we embrace the value of play and are inspired by the philosophies of the Reggio Emilia approach.

We recognise the significance of the National Early Years Learning Framework and incorporate the practices and principles in our curriculum.

We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals involved in our service. We value trust, equity and inclusion and this is reflected in all of our practices within our service. We are committed to transparent, ethical, and accountable management.

Children are valued as individuals who are competent and capable learners, respected for their autonomy, choices, diversity and individual and cultural differences are embraced, explored and celebrated. We provide high quality educational programs that are linked to theory, based on current research and cater for the individual needs of each child.

Early childhood educators are valued for their passion and commitment to delivering high quality education and care. They are recognized for their qualifications, knowledge, experience and skills. We respect them for their opinions, perspective and contribution. We provide an environment in which our staff are supported and encouraged to ever evolve in their profession. Our educators embrace current research and pedagogy, in order to continue to remain motivated to grow and learn within our service. Our educators will abide by the rights of the child and professionally advocate for children’s rights.

The community are valued for their culture and the many resources that the City of Greater Bendigo has to offer. As a community managed service we aim to be active participants and foster a sense of belonging within the community. Our commitment to excel in delivering a quality service is derived from our passion for this unique city, combined with our desire to provide quality early childhood education for the children of this community. We deliver programs that encourage children to participate and develop a sense of agency within their community.